VALETON – Tube Engine Overdrive


Based on the legendary green box, Valeton Tube Engine is low to medium gain overdrive with Bass and Treble knob. The enclosure is steel and the pedal feels solid also it’s very pedalboard friendly. Powered by 9V and no battery access.


It’s a good screamer type sound with a bit of hair and EQ flexibility. The output is moderate and have more gain than the screamer. Valeton Tube Engine truly shine with the Bass and Treble knob although the Bass knob can be very boomy. The Treble knob is pretty nice, not so much ice picking. It’s very warm overdrive pedal, works great with single coil. If you’re using humbucker just make sure not to dial too much Bass.

Pro : Small sized, very cheap, sounds good for the price point.

Con : No battery access.


KMA MACHINE – Fuzzly Bear

One of the baddest fuzz we’ve ever tried. The Skin-Meat knob is bias control for the fuzz, so you can get gnarly and open sounding fuzz or squishy velcro fuzz. The KMA Machine Fuzzly Bear is based on the old skool Jordan Bosstone fuzz but with some serious tweaking to gain the low end so it won’t pierce your ears. I reall love it with Telecaster, sounds so thick and raw. Just watch the video!

MOVALL – Busy Bee overdrive

Medium to high gain overdrive with EQ knobs! Here’s Movall Busy Bee, little yellow box with tons of gain on tap. I love the clarity and warmth that lies beneath the good amount of gain. Movall Busy Bee loves my Telecaster! The mids are soft and not overpowering other frequencies. Take a look!